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Swift-Find Looted Art Project

DOI https://doi.org/10.15542/KUR/2006/5/7

Shauna Isaac

Swift-Find is a global online registry of valuables that is committed to helping with the identification and recovery of Nazi-Era looted art. The Swift-Find Looted Art Project is an extension of the Swift-Find service and contains the largest online international database of looted cultural property that can conduct searches in real time. The information is accessible to the public from the Swift-Find looted art project website at www.lootedartproject.com. There is no charge to use the Swift-Find looted art project website for those who are legitimately searching for looted objects including museums, government agencies and claimants. The commercial section of Swift-Find charges third parties for searching the database. The costs are listed on the Swift-Find website at www.swift-find.com.


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