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Instructions for authors

Article length: 18,000 – 24,000 characters
Abstract: ca. 500 characters

An article should not excede 18,000 to 24,000 characters. Please also provide an abstract (ca. 500 characters) which also be published online

I., 1., a., aa.

The text hierarchy should be consistently: I., 1., a., aa.

... Lum nulput nit,2 nonsequam...
... dolor sisit wis nonsequam quis augait3, quat ea facipsum...

If the footnote refers to the whole sentence, it is placed BEHIND the punctuation mark. If the footnote refers to the immediately preceding word (or decision of court), it is placed BEFORE the punctuation mark.

Jaeger/Henckel (Fn. 3) § 37 Rn. 20

In footnotes there is no comma behind closed brackets

Palandt-Heinrichs BGB, 63. Aufl. 2004, § 116 Rn. 7

Editor names are in regular font – similarly the name of the laureate in a Festschrift. Author names are in italics. If the author name follows an editor name, they are joint with a hyphen. The same applies for titles with abbreviated titles. Behind the author name in italics there is no comma.

OLG Koblenz NJW 2001, 1948

Courts names are quoted according regular. There is no comma between court name and bibliographic citation.

BT-Drs. 12/2443, 114 Schmidt FS Weichler, 1997, S . 129, 135 ff.

Citations from journals (also Archivzeitschriften) and Bundestags-Drucksachen are quoted without an „S.“ (for Seite/page). The „S.“ is indeed used with quotes from monographs and Festschriften.

§ 613a
§§ 129-147

In case of an „a-footnote“ or an „a-paragraph“ the letter „a“ is added without a junction or blank character. Also in statements “from… to…” there is no junction or blank.

KUR 1999, 175, 181 und 183
NJW-RR 2003, 697, 699

Bibliographic citations from journals and monographs shall state the first page of the contribution. The page with specific reference within this contribution is separated with a comma (not brackets).

2.5.2003 und nicht 02.05.2003

Footnotes start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Within footnotes any dates are stated using numbers without any „leading zero“ and without spaces. In normal text months are written with their regular name.

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